Orchestre symphonique de l’Aube à Romilly


Inspired by Scotland - its landscapes, Highlands and legends - Felix Mendelssohn inscribed his feelings in every movement of the 3rd Symphony. "A first class landscape gardener," said Richard Wagner. The centerpiece of this concert is one of Mendelssohn's most famous orchestral works. To the fluidity of classicism is added the reverie of romanticism.The composer dedicated this work to Queen Victoria, going so far as to baptize it Symphony "Scottish". After a brief incursion in Russia with Modeste Mussorgsky, then in contemporary music with the Franco-Polish Karol Beffa, rendezvous with another genius composer, German, Johannes Brahms. His Hungarian dances, popular, are pure moments of happiness.


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Espace Culturel François Miterrand 10100 Romilly-sur-Seine

+33 (0)3 25 24 87 80


Event : 17 January - 17 January

Single rate from 6 to 18 €