Gainsbourg for kids à Romilly-sur-Seine


Gainsbourg for kids Children's show It was daring! Use the Gainsbourg repertoire to make a concert show for families and young audiences. Yet this is the gamble that Cheveu, Ben Ricour and François Guernier have launched, under the watchful eye of director Olivier Prou. Does it work ? Affirmative. In Mr. Gainsbourg's fabulous Comic Strip. The opportunity is too good to meet for the time of a very comic show, in a universe for the less playful which combines wonderfully with that of children. So all in the saddle, we left for a funny journey in Harley Davidson, in the heart of New York, in coffee-colored islands where the friend Caouette and the punch of the lilacs will have many things to tell us.


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70 avenue Pierre Brosollette 10100 Romilly-sur-Seine

+33 (0)3 25 24 87 80

Event : 07 March - 07 March

from 6 to 13 €