Exposition de peintures à Romilly-sur-Seine


Marie-Christine LENOIR Exhibition - Paintings Born in Haute-Marne, Marie-Christine LENOIR traveled a lot (in Europe and in the Indian Ocean) according to her father's travels. The artist's Peregrine childhood allowed him to take another look at the world around her and especially the people she met. A thousand faces, a thousand looks in a thousand landscapes both so different and so similar despite everything. Her memories, coiled up warm in her memory, waited for the right moment to reappear on a canvas, through the curves of a clay statuette, or even print on photo paper. If she started scribbling at a very young age, it was only when she retired that she was able to confirm her talent by joining the School of Fine Arts in Troyes to take courses in drawing, painting and modeling. as well as with the Photo Club Romilly Vallée de la Seine to learn how to master the art of photography.


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64 rue Gambetta 10100 Romilly-sur-Seine

+33 (3)25 21 18 42

Event : 06 March - 22 March