Librairie Galerie Voltaire


Since December 2016, the Librairie Galerie Voltaire has been offering you a rich and varied editorial offer that is as close as possible to everyone's expectations, but also in the interest of discovering and sharing. "Of all the instruments of man, the most astonishing is the book. The others are extensions of his body: the microscope and the telescope, extension of his sight, the telephone, extension of his voice, the plow and the sword, extension of his arm. But the book is something else: it is an extension of his memory and his imagination. "Jorge Luis BORGES (conference in Paris, 1985) • an exhibition space for works of art; • creative and refined stationery; • workshops. Once a month, café-philo hosted by Gérald Grossman. Every Friday evening, conversation workshop English Workshop. Do not hesitate to share your desires, wishes, suggestions or to join me on Facebook or the website, if you can not move to order: I also welcome you behind my screen. See you soon !


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18 rue Gornet Boivin 10100 Romilly-sur-Seine

+33 (0)6 59 39 78 81

Reception : 01 January - 31 December

Reception : 01 January - 31 December