grains de nature


Grains de nature offers quinoa, and soon other seeds produced on the farm in the Aube ... to put a grain of nature on your plate! To produce quinoa locally in France, in Aube? Yes it's possible ! We grow it on our farm. Originally from South America, quinoa adapts perfectly to the soils and climate of the Aube. This allows us to produce it naturally without pesticides! Our products 'Grains de nature' for direct sale. To be closer to our customers and share our business, we market our seeds live and short circuit. At the market, in a producer's shop, in a local produce store or on the farm, you have the choice to find our products, sold under the brand name 'Grains de nature'.


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5 rue des fontaines 10400 Fontenay-de-Bossery

+33 (0)6 71 56 62 28

Reception : 01 January - 31 December

Reception : 01 January - 31 December

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