The Greenway which runs along the old Haute-Seine canal is a multi-user development remarkable for its ambition. It includes a track of approximately 47km, with a smooth surface 3 meters wide, without road crossing. And, on the other bank, it offers a grassy path open to pedestrians and riders. The Green Lane developed by the General Council runs along the Haute-Seine canal from Barberey-St-Sulpice (5km from Troyes city center) to Saint-Oulph, 27 km. A new section has just seen the light of day and now makes it possible to go to Crancey, or about 20km more. The Green Lane will be extended to Nogent-sur-Seine. It is part of a Paris-Troyes-Strasbourg route included in the National Cycle Route Scheme as a variant of the Paris-Strasbourg route through the Marne valley.




10100 Crancey

Reception : 01 January - 31 December

Reception : 01 January - 31 December