Les 3 Vagues - Centre Aquatique Jean Moulin


Welcome to your pool area and well-being ... Several spaces dedicated to you: 1 sports pool 25m, one fun pool with learners' pool, bubble bench and massage jets, 1 small child basin (pool), 1 outdoor solarium with mineral beach and a grassed beach volley ball and a picnic area. 3 Waves offer a veritable cocktail of activities for young and old, suitable for everyone with our sports teachers in a warm and friendly atmosphere: Bubble Popp, aquababy, school and swimming lessons, aqua bike, aqua, aquaperf, aquapalming, aquasenior. Designed for relaxation, space "O'Calme" will harmonize around a sauna, hammam and four massage showers. The benefits of sauna and steam help relax muscles, relieve tension and promote sleep. THE POOL WILL BE CLOSED FROM 1 TO 18 September INCLUDED FOR DRAIN


Loisirs_Romilly-sur-Seine_Piscine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_les_bassins_image.jpg Loisirs_Romilly-sur-Seine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_piscine_enfants_image.jpg Loisirs_piscine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_Romilly-sur-Seine_image.jpg Loisirs_Romilly-sur-Seine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_enfants_image.jpg Loisirs_Piscine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_les_bassins_Romilly-sur-Seine_image.jpg Loisirs_Romilly-sur-Seine_piscine_Centre_Aquatique_Les_3_vagues_spa_O_Calme_image.jpg


Avenue Jean Jaurès 10100 Romilly-sur-Seine

+33 (0)3 25 25 51 00


Reception : 01 January - 31 December

Adult from 4 to 5 € (Infos)

Reduce rate from 2.50 to 3 € (Infos)


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