Les balades contées cet été à Nogent-sur-Seine


Storyteller Célia Chambaud invites you on a storytelling walk in Nogent-sur Seine. Sunny days make you want to take a walk, nose in the wind, along the banks of the Seine. Let yourself be lulled by the rustle of leaves, the lapping of water, the chirping of birds...Now you are ready to listen to extraordinary stories. Stories of men transformed into trees, of talking birds, of undines that attract men to the bottom of the water, of prankster elves... Is everyone settled down? Standing, or lying in the grass on a blanket. You can now indulge in daydreaming... Before leaving for another place where there is another tale. Nature is full of wonderful stories. Bring your best shoes and your straw hat, your favorite cushion or your fluffy plaid, a magnifying glass or maybe binoculars, and don't forget your wide eyes. This storytelling walk is an unexpected way to visit Nogent-sur Seine. A poetic stroll out of time. Célia Chambaud is a multifaceted storyteller. Sparkling or mischievous, she deploys distant or imaginary, visual, sensory and poetic worlds. With her sensitivity and her delicacy, she wakes up the child who is in us and invites her to travel. For all those who love stories, from 6 years old. On registration only. Meet at the Bateau Lavoir at 4 p.m. Duration: about 1h30.


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Quai Carbonel 10400 Nogent-sur-Seine

+33 (3) 25 39 42 07


Event : 17 August - 17 August

Event : 07 September - 07 September

Event : 21 September - 21 September

Adult 5 €

Free (Infos)