Ateliers de la nature


"Nature workshops everywhere and for everyone" Nature will no longer hold any secrets for you with Nature workshops and its various methods implemented throughout the year: care of the mind, being less afraid of the world of alive, to know it: - DURING SCHOOL: Work to learn the loss of apprehension in the face of the unknown living, insects, discovery of the complexity of the life of fauna and flora and dependence on species. This method is intended for primary and nursery schools, classes in specialized centers (Ulis) and all structures welcoming young people: monthly workshops of 90 minutes. - AFTER SCHOOL: Learn to observe and wonder about animal life on farms, methods of thinking about life, learn to understand the unknown less, various games indoors, possibility of going outside in a wasteland to see and identify species in the field. - WEDNESDAYS AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Observation of live insects in farms, discovery of wild plants, identification of bird songs, field trips in a wasteland to identify species, didactic supports, butterfly flights ... - WEDNESDAYS FROM NATURE TO RETIREMENT HOMES (EHPAD): Monthly 90-minute workshops with the establishment of a specialized method, direct contact with animal and plant life, educational games. These specialized workshops are created and led by a socio-professional nature instructor, licensed in education sciences, certified in animal husbandry and in public presentation in the presence of a representative of the host structure, making referent function for the group. Information and reservations: - 10510 Maizières-la-Grande-Paroisse


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10400 Nogent-sur-Seine

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Event : 01 January - 31 December

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